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Nunobiki Herb Gardens

nunobiki herb and flower gardens

We were welcomed by a hint of sunshine breaking through the clouds, a faint fragrance of tea and roses wafting from the boutique, and a scant number of Sunday morning visitors.

Kriscrossing the World

My Own World? thumbnail

My Own World?

They say it's not about the destination, it's the journey that counts, and I couldn't agree more.

“So Long” Song thumbnail

“So Long” Song

I am so grateful to have such a sweet symphony of support.

Body & Soul

Indexing Self-compassion thumbnail

Indexing Self-compassion

It was just something I thought I HAD TO DO! That is, until I broke a nail.

From Manicure to “Woman I Cure” thumbnail

From Manicure to “Woman I Cure”

There are few things more satisfying than being pampered or pampering yourself with cleansing, treating, massaging and decorating yourself starting at the fingertips!

Out of Hand

Buttering Myself Up thumbnail

Buttering Myself Up

So what do you do when you've got an itch? You scratch it!

Grapefruit is HOT! thumbnail

Grapefruit is HOT!

And while all that might be cool, this girl likes it HOT!


Getting Graphic With Sonya thumbnail

Getting Graphic With Sonya

Now this gifted gal opens up to tell KRISellaneous about her creative career, her current calling, and what inspires her to continue to keep giving her all for the greater good.

Singing Through The Rain

Coming Soon...an interview with Donna West Hansen -- a feisty friend of mine who has kicked cancer's butt, belts out rock-n-roll with a local band, maintains a household with 2 adopted daughters (now both teenagers), one of whom is a "special needs" child.


50th trip around

My 50th Trip Around the Sun

What tomorrow will bring, nobody knows, but you can be sure that I am ready to go.

Ujicha field growing green tea in Kyoto, Japan

A Spot of Tea in Kyoto’s Ujicha Tea Culture

It takes a village...so these diverse people gathered on a small plot of land next to a mountain road with a backdrop of mature tea terraces to give birth to a new "spot of tea".