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Run For The Pink

I used to hate the color pink and I used to hate the act of running. BUT, somewhere in my own personal KRISalis and with the adoption of my own personal motto: some things ever change, I changed my mind about the color pink when someone said I looked good wearing it. And I changed my mind about running when someone said I looked good doing it. On each occasion, I wondered what those people saw that I didn’t. So I took another look, and another, and another, and now, TODAY, after several years of proclaiming pink as my favorite color, and racking up countless kilometers on streets and treadmills, I became an official Pink Runner…and I feel good being that!

As a participant in the Pink Ribbon Campaign for Breast Cancer Research, I cheerfully put on my pink promotional t-shirt, tied the pink promotional scarf in my hair and took to the streets of Daejeon to run my first foreign 5K road race! Today’s event wasn’t only about thousands of people that look good wearing pink, and look good running, but more about the number of people who may benefit from these thousands of participants who feel good being Pink Runners!

Oh, and I had a pretty rosy race time, too — 29:13!

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