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From Manicure to “Woman I Cure”

Whenever I need an immediate reminder, refresher or reward for (or of) being a woman, I always think of a manicure.  It is the most distinctly feminine display that is the perfect way to get the feeling of “woman I cure”.  Certainly not “man I cure” – we all know THAT’S impossible!  While some men have tried to encroach on certain arts of being a woman, I feel confident that we have it “nailed” in this category!  There are few things more satisfying than being pampered or pampering yourself with cleansing, treating, massaging and decorating yourself starting at the fingertips!  You may be a naysayer, thinking it is an indulgence that only the rich, famous, ostentatious, or elegant can afford or look appropriate wearing, but let’s think again and I’ll show you 5+ reasons why it beats out many of the other treatments or procedures we have all tried while searching for the perfect “woman I cure”!

  1. It’s cheaper than most other salon treatments that you wouldn’t dare try yourself!  Think cut, color, perm, straightening, etc… (Although I’m not dissing those).
  2. As an expression of ‘body art’, it’s far more temporary (and cheaper) than getting a tattoo, a piercing, or a makeover (Although I’m not dissing those either).
  3. It can be coordinated (and changed) with any outfit, event, holiday, season, current passion, goal, dream or any combination of these.
  4. It’s a faster ‘fix’ than other womanly pursuits, such as growing your hair out, losing 10 lbs., revamping your wardrobe, etc…
  5. And when shared with another woman, it can heal wounds, establish friendships, create bonds, spread joy and laughter, color your world and most definitely revivify your sense of being a woman.

So if you’re in need of a little cure for whatever ‘males’ you, there’s no need to call an expert.  You can DIY – all you need are nails and little bit of paint!  By the way, all this counts for toes, too!

The Last of the Red Hot Leopards

The Last of the Red Hot Leopards






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