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Everything that doesn’t fit in any other category, including my KRISipedia of terminology!

A Jolly Bali Holi(day) thumbnail

A Jolly Bali Holi(day)

Our 10 days there felt like one continuous celebration of travel diversity.

Keeping It Crunchy thumbnail

Keeping It Crunchy

Variety may be the spice of life, but crunchy is the true texture of life!

The Uncovered Chapter thumbnail

Photo by Sonya Shannon – sonya-shannon.com

The Uncovered Chapter

For the freedom it brings to your body, spirit and mind.

2/2 is for the 2 of us! thumbnail

2/2 is for the 2 of us!

After all the stops and starts, we keep coming back to these two hearts!

#YoursTruly thumbnail


I was in total awe of her authenticity, and the ease with which she seemed to project it. So, I told her!

9 Days at 7 degrees North thumbnail

9 Days at 7 degrees North

It felt like an indelible, self-cultivating, life-expanding embrace from another place.

Who Wants to Go Back-to-School? thumbnail

Who Wants to Go Back-to-School?

Just as I was given the title of teacher, I pass it on to my students, because teaching is a wonderful way to learn.

Up For a Challenge thumbnail

Up For a Challenge

Here are a few of the unexpected rewards and extra benefits I gained from what I call my "28-day Doga Yoga" series.

The lovelife of a Polypat thumbnail

The lovelife of a Polypat

Yes, it's true -- I am carrying on multiple, long-distance love affairs while being in a steady relationship right here where I live.

50th trip around

My 50th Trip Around the Sun

What tomorrow will bring, nobody knows, but you can be sure that I am ready to go.