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Everything that doesn’t fit in any other category, including my KRISipedia of terminology!

Ujicha field growing green tea in Kyoto, Japan

A Spot of Tea in Kyoto’s Ujicha Tea Culture

It takes a village...so these diverse people gathered on a small plot of land next to a mountain road with a backdrop of mature tea terraces to give birth to a new "spot of tea".

My Job Description thumbnail

My Job Description

This activity has sparked and inspired many of us to ponder and produce our own proclamations, philosophies and manifestos.

Hooked on Hash thumbnail

Hooked on Hash

As for me? I started by walking, then launched into a run, and have been crawling since the day after the event!

Many Years, Mini Gift thumbnail

Many Years, Mini Gift

So, now I present to you our own little masterpiece, “Netsuke”!

What’s in a Name? thumbnail

What’s in a Name?

To me, it is the most identifying element of a person or thing, and should never be erred in any way, or scoffed at, or put asunder.

Language Laughs thumbnail

Language Laughs

It is these types of faux pas that drive me crazy, and always leave me with that “what the…?” reaction.

I got a Philia thumbnail

I got a Philia

However, as the logophile in me looked further into this, I found that many of my philias (or, at least the coinage of a good few of mine) did not show up in any dictionary, word bank or list of any kind.

I’m Engaged! thumbnail

I’m Engaged!

I don't have a ring, and no one asked me to marry him, but I finally said "I will."

The Happiness Project thumbnail

The Happiness Project

Human happiness derives neither from external validation nor solely from within, but from "between".