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My Own World?

They say it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that counts, and I couldn’t agree more. My journey to the other side of the world truly set the scene for an incredible entrance and (hopefully) integration into Asian culture. While it was long, it was luxurious, and allowed time and space for me to mentally make the transition from place to place. I’d been feeling for a while like I was “between worlds”. You know, when you anticipate and envision being somewhere, but you’re not actually there yet. What do you call a place like that? Well, much to my amused amazement, Singapore Airlines ironically calls it “KrisWorld”! That’s where I spent 14 hours yesterday making my mental and physical trek from one world to another – the U.S.A to the R.O.K.

Most importantly, a postcard…because it is definitely something to write home about!

All of their onboard and air-associated amenities revolve around KRIS — the airline travel magazine is called SILVERKRIS, the onboard shopping catalog is called KRISSHOP, the onboard entertainment system is called KRISWORLD, and the frequent flyer club is called KRISFLYER. It turns out that the kris is a Malay weapon used in the 14th century that had many qualities, the greatest of which was its ability to anticipate danger and protect its owner.  As a “Kris” in the 21st century, I’d like to think I’m an instrument serving to dissolve fears and encourage strength and growth. In any event, I never felt more at home than yesterday in my own little (Kris) world :>).

So, since the airline and I are on a first name basis, I think Singapore Airlines would be more appropriately called, “SingaRICH Air Services”. Everything about the carrier is first rate — large, roomy aircraft, comfortable seats with all the bells & whistles (personal TV, laptop power source, in flight telephone, slider-recliner, foot rest, blanket & pillow, etc.), exceptional food service with options from a printed menu, unlimited complimentary cocktails and wine, and all-day dining available. Other refreshing details included hot towels at take-off & landing, a miniature dop kit and free canvas tote bag, but most importantly, a postcard…because it is definitely something to write home about!  So when you come to visit me, go through KrisWorld and I’ll meet you on the other side.

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