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“So Long” Song

It’s just before dawn on the eve of my departure. Twenty-four hours from now I will be on a plane bound for South Korea. As I lay here watching the clock, the cacophony of ideas and feelings in me begins to crescendo before I decide to rise, breathe and put the din of the dawn into some kind of lyrics. Most readily, I am struck by how many people have gone out of their way to see me on my way. All of them well-wishers, but each voice comes from a different genre of music in their hearts. Some want to Rock and Roll right along with me, others are so Hip-Hop happy for me they could Pop. For many it has been Easy Listening to my aspirations and a few have cried the Blues about my upcoming absence. There have been choruses of good luck and concerts of goodbyes. I am so grateful to have such a sweet symphony of support. So, before I actually begin this solo performance and leave this Country, I want to sing a song of thanks to each and every one of you as I March forward. I sincerely appreciate your generous tempos, the vibrato in your energies and the chord of love you have struck in my heart. As a coda, I will Rap up this note with a major THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU, and all that Jazz!

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