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Finding the Absolute Value of Experience

Last year on my birthday, I posted a reflection piece about all that I had done during the year between my 50th and 51st birthdays. In it, I mentioned a current “desire to live a life worth capturing in rapturous vignettes”. Who doesn’t want a life like that? Yet, during this past year, I wrote a total of only 12 posts. And rapturous vignettes? I mean, really, how rapturous is crunchy cauliflower or back-to-school time? Okay, maybe the other 10 entries qualify, but where are all the other inspirations, events and insights? There is so much MORE to my desire and my drive, and my determination to do something really remarkable with my life. In fact, it is that very concept that I have been focused on for the last several months.

Take 52 unknown variables, multiply each one by 7, and I get 1 extraordinary year of finding the absolute values of my life!

Sometime in the middle of January, I started thinking about the fact that I would turn 52 this year. Immediately, I felt a strong pull, a definite draw to celebrate this number in a unique and special way. I thought: I don’t want just another one-day-at-a-time, ‘come what may’ trip around the sun. I want something that will definitely advance and expand my life. I want some way I can commit to that “more” inside me. Now, I’m no mathematician, but as I considered the fact that there are exactly 52 weeks of the solar year, and that 5 + 2 = exactly 7 days of a week, it hit me! Why not take this coming year 7-days-at-a-time, and spend my “52 weeks of being 52” engaged in a variety of intentional experience expeditions! Yes, it all added up.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a self-proclaimed ‘consumer of experience’. That is, I take in all new ideas and opportunities, I eat up the richness and distinct flavors of others’ endeavors, and I certainly buy into all the goods and services that ‘being experienced’ affords. As for a series of diverse expeditions? I can totally dig it! The whole idea of taking week-long journeys through new territories where I can explore, discover, change and grow is exactly how and why I see myself as a ‘student of life, for life’ (another self-proclaimed title). It is the perfect equation. Take 52 unknown variables, multiply each one by 7, and what do you get? I don’t know what you get, but I get 1 extraordinary year of finding the absolute values of my life! Now that’s sum way to celebrate 52, the WHOLE number!

Ready, Set, Let's Grow!

Ready, Set, Let’s Grow!

So, “The Experience Expedition” begins today! Yes, on a Friday. In staying true to the KRISellaneous style, the journey will not be carried out in a linear fashion. However, I shall start at the point of origin (2015 – 52 = 1963, June 19th — my DOB), but then diverge and increase my expressions to report the specific outcomes. I am hoping this will be a formula for continuously compounded interest and interaction with readers, as I always find greater value in the realness of what specific individuals tell me than in any other kind of general theorem. So, please join me in this KRISellaneous Experience Expedition by subscribing to this blog and sharing it with friends, or search and follow my KRISellaneous pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, because there’s nothing better than a shared experience!

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  • Sabrina Hamble June 19, 2015, 4:11 am

    As usual, you have outdone yourself and this is just Day 1 of Week 1. What a journey! I am honored and thrilled to be along for the ride!

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