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I’m Engaged!

I don’t have a ring, and no one asked me to marry him, but I finally said “I will.”  I will begin blogging again!  I have been courting the idea for some time, during which I did all the usual things a person does while courting.  I went about my daily life just dreaming of all the things I could share, all the memories I could make, and all the people that would come to see it happening.  But those are just dreams and hopes.  As in any relationship, there are also fears and worries, which in my case seemed to immobilize me.  Would my contributions be worthy of attention?  What if I make a mistake or say something offensive?  How much time will be required of me?  How will I benefit from the experience?  All these questions, and the only answer I could come up with was, “just get engaged”.  Only then can I determine if it’s (blogging) right for me.  Only then can I know what it’s all about.  Only then, can I take the relationship to the next level.  And when someone asks me, “do you blog?”, perhaps I will finally be able to say, “I do”!


My Engagement Ring?



For now, I’m just happy being engaged.

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