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I got a Philia

I found that many of my philias (or at least the coinage of a few of mine) did not show up in any dictionary, word bank or list of any kind.

You might say, I’ve got philias.  Lots of them.  Let’s start with my logophilia.  As a logophile, I can tell you that the suffix –phile or –phil means: one that loves or has a strong affinity or preference for [fill in the blank]; -philia means: having the condition or tendency toward this love or affection.  The list of philias in the world is long.  I’m sure you can think of many.  However, as the logophile in me looked further into this, I found that many of my philias (or at least the coinage of a few of mine) did not show up in any dictionary, word bank or list of any kind.  In fact, of the 10 philia that I can say constitute much of my  “love life” (so to speak), two or three of them have been coined by me, and also published in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary.  So, from the listophilic compilation below, see how many you can identify.  If you need it, the answers are provided at the end of this post.

  1. At the top of the list, and in every sense of the word is: learniphilia! (coined by me; waiting for approval from Merriam Webster Online Dictionary)
  2. Next in line has to be: experientiphilia. (coined by me, waiting for approval from Merriam Webster Online Dictionary)
  3. Then comes: glossophilia – a varied and general sense of this word. For me, it’s English, French, Korean, and Japanese.  However, when used in the context of a particular nation, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a true and total Francophile.
  4. Logophilia – the nuts and bolts of glossophilia, in my opinion.
  5. Heightophile  – the only philia to be coined AND published by me in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary thus far (see insert photo, and stay tuned for the other 2 or 3 words to appear soon)!
  6. Oenophilia – truly an indulgence over which I need less consumption and more control!
  7. Digiphophilia: because photophilia is defined as a love of icons and symbols, I coined this phrase to indicate my love of shooting, editing, publishing, and expanding-the-art of [blank].  Should I submit this to Merriam Webster too?
  8. Dromophilia – originally a ‘mania’, this deep-seated and insistent philia of mine is the essence of my motto: “Stick with me, you’ll go places”!
  9. Teaphilia – an easy peasy concoction that should answer your question, “wanna go for coffee”?
  10. Pediphilia – more than a philia, it’s a fetish!  Please let someone…anyone…get jiggy with my piggies.  Not hands down, but feet down, it is simply the end all to beat all.   Maybe I should move it up in the list…or maybe it belongs as a “10”!  Whatever number, PLEASE DO NOT confuse it with Paedophilia)!!!

Answer key:

Introduction: Listophile = lover of lists, or list making

  1. The love of learning (anything and everything, nothing specific or any particular area of study).
  2. The love of, or desire for gaining experience in all things.
  3. The love of languages (in a general sense of the term – reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar…might all be sub-philias).
  4. The love of words (etymology, word games like crossword & Scrabble, even crazy things like labels, advertisements, billboards, etc…)
  5. A person who loves heights or high places.  I just realized that I coined a noun for the person inflicted with this condition of loving heights or being in high places.  However the overarching philia that brought about THIS word, as well as several others in this list can be called, Neologiphilia: the love of creating new words!  AGAIN, this should be moved toward the top of my list(ophilia)!!!
  6. The love of wine – CHEERS is all I can say!
  7. The love of digital photography (a keen way to train the eye and the heart to take in all the world has to offer)!
  8. The love of travel!
  9. The love of tea…and all thing related to tea!
  10. The love of feet (NOT A SEXUAL ATTRACTION TO CHILDREN!).  I don’t even know how to explain.  All I can say is: from my ‘sole’, a good foot massage will always ‘heel’ me!

I think it’s time for a little legal P2P ‘phile sharing’.  Would love to know your philias on this!

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