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Seeing Stars

I’ve had my palm read, my tea leaves read, tarot cards read, and even my face read! On each occasion, I was impressed with some of the things the reader saw in my personality, my life, and my future. Without giving them clues or hints as to who I am, the readers seemed adept at confirming certain personality characteristics, such as my gregariousness, and high energy. A couple of them were able to accurately predict some big events in life, like selling our house, and my going back to school. However, not until the Friday when I launched my Experience Expedition did I have a ‘reading’ that totally sent me into orbit! That is, I had an astrology reading with an astrologer named Tom Brady that not only locked down my personality and my problem areas, but also sent me soaring into the possibilities of the future. Talk about a launching experience!

This scene basically says, “I am becoming a woman who communicates quite beautifully and quite artfully”.

Some of the astrological jargon can be somewhat “out there”, but Tom graciously put it in a more ‘down to earth’ way. He explained that the patterns in the planets at the moment of my birth served as a kind of map for my particular journey through life. It turns out that I have 7 out of the 11 planets all grouped and interacting with each other in some way. Tom indicated that this kind of pattern is extremely rare, and could yield some extraordinary happenings for me! With each pattern he detailed and applied to my journey and current place in this world, I became more and more fascinated…and freaked out (in the good way)! I don’t understand it all completely, and only time will tell what the universe has in store for me, but I think I’m truly star-struck by this first astrology reading, and certainly the expressions he used to enlighten the experience.

The first expression he landed on was “beautiful communication”. These are the words he used to describe the first planetary trio in my chart. Evidently, this triple conjunction of the Moon, Mercury and Venus is so closely connected that he described it by saying that it was as if they were all sitting in the same chair at the head of a card table. He went on to explain that the moon relates to the woman I am becoming in this stage of life. Mercury represents my intellect, language and communication skills, and Venus is the planet of love, beauty and art. Okay, now that I know who these three players are, the depiction of the crowded chair pushed up against a card table didn’t seem quite fitting for me. The picture in my head was more like an image of them all sitting in a gorgeous loveseat against a Gemini backdrop engaged in a thoughtful, creative, feminine bonding session. Now, that’s how I see “beautiful communication”. Whatever way you see it, Tom clarified that this scene basically says, “I am becoming a woman who communicates quite beautifully and quite artfully”. Because this trio is located in the area of the chart that rules how I relate to the rest of the world, astrologers label the conjunction “beautiful communication”. Yes, the communication part has my name written all over it! The beautiful or artful element may be just stars in my eyes.

Uranus and Pluto don’t form patterns very often, but when they do, they create a wild, turbulent, frenetic, but also highly creative time period for the whole world.

Another rare sighting in my chart was a second cosmic threesome! According to Tom, to have even one triple conjunction is unique, but to have 2 is totally ‘far out’! Yet, here sat the 3 fat cats of Mars, Uranus and Pluto, all wrapped up in a power pack that Tom referred to as representing “shocking transformation”. Mars is traditionally thought of as the God of War, which symbolizes the ability to be strong and assertive. Or as Tom more simply stated, it symbolizes the ‘doer’ in me, which may speak to the fact that I can lay waste to any ‘to do list’. Uranus is all about innovation, change, and independence, while Pluto is the power planet and represents all transformative processes. Uranus and Pluto don’t form patterns very often, but when they do, they create a wild, turbulent, frenetic, but also highly creative time period for the whole world. In fact, the last time this pattern was seen was in the 1960s, which to be sure, was an uproarious time in history…and also when I was born! So, while we can see some pretty shocking events and major changes happening around the world today, Tom saw this year — he actually called it a “breakthrough year” — as a time for me that indicated I have “the capacity to do something in life that is shockingly transformative”. YES! I thrive on change, which is not so shocking to anyone who knows me. But Tom was only reading what he saw in the chart, and had no knowledge at this point, of my KRISellaneous project to DO or take 52 different weekly Experience Expeditions — the first of which was this astrology reading! So, when I heard this, the first thing to enter my mind was that song lyric from the musical “Hair” (slightly modified), “This is the dawning of the Age of Krisellaneous. The Age of Krisellaneous…”.

So while this interplanetary sextet seemed to be singing the refrain of “Good Morning Starshine”, that little known, 7th planet, Chiron, was present as the proverbial elephant in this celestial room. There it was, this small planet named for the King of Healers in Greek mythology, and known as the major tutor for heroes and heroines of Greek culture. As Tom paused at this point, he said that the most positive interpretation of the interaction of these 7 planets would sound something like, “I am becoming a woman who communicates beautifully in a way that is shockingly transformative in the role of healer, educator or facilitator”. HOWEVER, the earthly elephant appeared when he continued the story of how Chiron suffered a wound at the hand of one of his own students, and as a result, withdrew into a cave and refused to carry on his Kingly duties, so he became known as the “wounded healer”. Consequently, even though Chiron represents the abilities of being a healer, educator or facilitator, it also symbolizes all the wounds of life. And there it stood, in my chart, in a position across the room (or space) that indicated an opposition to the operation of the other 6 planets. Astrologically, that opposition is seen as a coloring of the energy of the other planets, or in my world, it is a suppression, denial or rejection of some of the energy of those 6 planets. But, what am I denying? Certainly, not the communication, not the transformative, not even the facilitator. It’s actually all about Venus and her radiance of love, beauty and art. Yep, there she was — that big, beautiful, loving, creative elephant — the one I never want to talk about, the one I always deny, and the one I most often ignore. Venus is my ultimate vulnerability. The wound comes from that Venus energy being void of any acknowledgment, acceptance or support from an early age.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards”.

Putting it all together, Tom concluded that my personal constellation is “a very unusual pattern that suggests a potential that not everyone has”. It is connected with not only my language skills, but my artistic skills and most importantly, my ability to pioneer into new territory — the highest interpretation of the Mars, Uranus, Pluto connection, or what astrologers call ‘the pioneer picture’. In terms of challenges, he felt that the ‘artist in me’ is alive and well, but is in need of some attention, some TLC, some healing. So, he advised and encouraged me to keep my eyes (and hands) open for opportunities to allow the ‘artist within’ to spontaneously express herself, and to be aware of the times and ways in which I might resist the artistic expression of my experiences. In other words, look for ways I can turn my scars into stars.

So, all this to say, I believe! I believe that I am the emissary of the nature of the moment in which I was born. I believe that astrology is a language, and if you understand the language, the sky can speak volumes. I believe that the Universe is a blueprint of me, and that I am the energy of that universe. I believe, like R.W. Emerson, that people should look to the sun, moon and the stars for their knowledge; and I believe that there is no better vehicle than a horoscope to assist a person in traversing their earthly life. Having this astrology reading as the very first, incredible experience of my year-long self expedition has confirmed the quote by Soren Kirkegaard that says, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards”. So as I go forward, I shall remember what is written in the stars, and thank Heaven they are so bright.

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  • Sabrina Hamble July 13, 2015, 3:30 pm

    I have not had a chance to listen to your whole reading yet (Saturn and Pluto in
    my chart causing hurricane chaos and “stopping and starting” until October has me stretched to the nines for this time period, much less quality time) but so glad you reprised it here and with such a profound understanding!!! I want to listen to mine again and take notes this time. Since we were born only four months apart, there are parts of your chart that mimic mine a great deal. Can’t wait to talk live. Here’s to my “shining star”, my Kristina, who I love to the “moon” and back. May we traverse the “constellations” together for many “suns” to come.

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