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The Happiness Project

I have always been intrigued with the notion of “happiness”. It is so phantasmagorical for most of us that it’s hard to put into one single expression. However, most recently, I was put to the challenge by some fellow scholars who are involved with some interesting research called “The Happiness Project”. To participate, all you have to do is create a poster of what makes you happy, write a short explanation of your composition and post it to a particular website. I have included the link here, as well as my own poster & expression of the who, what, where, when and how I find happiness. Remember, it’s not a destination, it’s all around you every step of your way! So, be Happy at The Happiness Project.

Human happiness derives neither from external validation nor solely from within, but from “between”. So for me, I find happiness in relationships created by love, work cultivated by passion and a power felt by a presence of something larger than myself…and I find this all “between” sun up and sun down each day.
~Kristina, Daejeon, South Korea

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