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The Uncovered Chapter

Wanna get naked?

People have a variety of answers for that question, as well as various reasons for their answers. Most often, people are shocked and think it’s a ‘come on’ for sex. So I say, “No, not for that. For the freedom it brings to your body, spirit and mind.” That’s how I felt during the time of my life in which I lived as a nudist. It is a chapter in my life that taught me a bit about how to live ‘free’.

Let’s start with the BODY. We are all born nude, but then immediately get all wrapped up in a blanket and knit cap to lay motionless on a hard pillow in a plastic bin until we are ready for the next layers of clothing — the diaper and the “onesie”. It’s no wonder some kids fight getting dressed, and throw their clothes off every chance they get! They want to be free — free from the pinching, squeezing, binding, suffocating textiles that are “required” for them to be “appropriate”. I know a lot of adults who feel the same way. No matter what age you are, by freeing your body of clothing, you can truly and fully feel all the elements of nature — air, water, fire and earth. Think about it. Think about going for a skinny dip or taking a mud bath, or laying in the warmth of the sun while the wind wraps itself around you — all of you! Our skin is the most sensitive part, and largest area of our bodies, so it has the most capacity to feel. So feel ‘free’! You were born that way.

I mean, after all, shouldn’t you wear your birthday suit on your birthday?

Getting into the SPIRIT. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but you’ll never know unless you try it. My husband and I made our first visit to the nudist resort that would later become our home as a weekend getaway in honor of his birthday. I mean, after all, shouldn’t you wear your birthday suit on your birthday? However, like most newbie nudists, we held up in our hotel room for a little while until we felt ready to ‘take off’ in public. After about 20 minutes, I found myself completely unaware that I or anyone else was actually naked. I was just my usual self enjoying the whole experience. We sunbathed by the pool, played darts in the bar, dined and danced in the lounge, and even won a contest to become King & Queen of the weekend’s theme, all in the nude!

The Royal Couple

The Royal Couple, 2005

We became fast friends with many residents and found ourselves returning every weekend to be one with nature, and keep our spirits lifted. Within 4 months, we bought a house, unleashed the ties that bind, and joined this cozy community of free spirits. My husband worked from home, in the nude. I worked at the resort’s Pool Bar, in the nude. Everyone does their housework and yard work, in the nude. We had our meals, had our drinks, had our hair done, had a massage, and even had a garage sale, all in the nude. We went dancing, went shopping, went swimming, went boating, and everyday, went cruising in our golf cart, all in the nude. So, while it may not be for everyone, it was our way of really ‘showing’ our spirit!

Living as a nudist freed my mind of wondering and worrying what others thought of me.

It’s all in your MIND. In the textile world, people are often judged and ranked by their appearance or their worldly possessions like jewelry, cars, and houses. Many people compete in order to be thought of as the best — the best dresser, the best housekeeper, the best gardener. It takes a lot of time, energy and thought to keep up those appearances. I know some people who are all-consumed by it, and live their whole lives based on what they think other people see as acceptable and admirable. I think the nudist mindset is different. When you live naked, you are stripped of pretenses. You cannot pretend to be thin by dressing in black. You cannot pretend to be rich by wearing designer labels. You have only your natural body, your free spirit and your (hopefully) open mind to offer the world. Living as a nudist freed my mind of wondering and worrying what others thought of me. I became mindful of what I thought of me, and gained self-acceptance. With that strength and understanding, I could think about what I needed to continue to live free and happy. So, I turned my attention to learning how to use my inner resources and creative thought to design a free life, not an expensive label. They say you can do anything you put your mind to, so do it. Never mind what others think!

Even as free as it was living as a nudist, there were some limitations. Limitations that forced us to get dressed and go beyond the walls of our little enclave. Then it came time to turn the page, and let the new chapter of life reveal itself. So, adorned with the experience, covered in memories, and draped in freedom, we exposed ourselves to a new world. But, yeah, we wanna get naked…every chance we get!

P.S. Photo credits go to Sonya Shannon, an incredible artist whose BODY of work is the epitome of a SPIRITual depiction of what to keep in MIND when it comes to human nature. Visit sonya-shannon.com to see it all.

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  • Tim Binkley February 9, 2015, 7:29 pm

    Thanks for your insightful and thought-provoking meditation on the adventure of simply being oneself.

    • Kristina February 13, 2015, 2:20 am

      Hi Tim,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. That chapter was definitely an adventure and a journey that revealed many things about my ‘self’!

  • Josette March 2, 2015, 12:08 pm

    Thank you for baring it all! It is really interesting to learn more about your philosophy and also what goes on in a nudist community. Of course as I read, I tried to imagine myself doing the various activities you described and can almost see myself there. Getting undressed in front of others took a while for me, and I’m still not really that at ease at a Korean sauna. Once I get naked, I stand firm, but it’s just the getting there. It’s such an interesting test of one’s ego I think. I wonder what it says about a culture if they fear seeing each other naked? Freedom must have a very different meaning to these two groups. 🙂 Thanks for the food for thought Kristina!

    • Kristina March 2, 2015, 1:59 pm

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts and feelings. I understand what you mean by your uneasiness of getting undressed in front of others. The disrobing process might be considered more uncomfortable than just being naked. Maybe it’s the anticipation or the idea that others are anticipating and “sizing up”, but once everyone is on even ground, what can anyone say? We are all the same — free, not afraid! No one should live in fear. Everyone should live free!

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