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Indexing Self-compassion thumbnail

Indexing Self-compassion

It was just something I thought I HAD TO DO! That is, until I broke a nail.

Moving Meditation thumbnail

Moving Meditation

So while my physical self allows for the limber, balanced endurance of such a traditional practice, it is my spirit that moves me. So, I practice what I call moving meditation.

The Happiness Project thumbnail

The Happiness Project

Human happiness derives neither from external validation nor solely from within, but from "between".

Run For The Pink thumbnail

Run For The Pink

As a participant in the Pink Ribbon Campaign for Breast Cancer Research, I took to the streets of Daejeon to run my first foreign 5K road race!

Blossom Buddies thumbnail

Blossom Buddies

My real friends -- the ones that soothe my soul, lift my spirits and remind me of the beauty of being a woman -- WERE all around me!

From K to J, In Just 3 Days thumbnail

From K to J, In Just 3 Days

I spent 3 days in mid-July exploring the Kansai region of Japan -- one day and one night each in Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and high above Kobe at the Arima resort area.