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I was in total awe of her authenticity, and the ease with which she seemed to project it. So, I told her!

Who Wants to Go Back-to-School? thumbnail

Who Wants to Go Back-to-School?

Just as I was given the title of teacher, I pass it on to my students, because teaching is a wonderful way to learn.

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Up For a Challenge

Here are a few of the unexpected rewards and extra benefits I gained from what I call my "28-day Doga Yoga" series.

50th trip around

My 50th Trip Around the Sun

What tomorrow will bring, nobody knows, but you can be sure that I am ready to go.

My Job Description thumbnail

My Job Description

This activity has sparked and inspired many of us to ponder and produce our own proclamations, philosophies and manifestos.

Many Years, Mini Gift thumbnail

Many Years, Mini Gift

So, now I present to you our own little masterpiece, “Netsuke”!

Indexing Self-compassion thumbnail

Indexing Self-compassion

It was just something I thought I HAD TO DO! That is, until I broke a nail.

Midlife Kris-is thumbnail

Midlife Kris-is

It is not a crisis situation. It is a cause for celebration and time to embrace what “Kris is”!