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All things related to mind, body and spirit enhancement: health, beauty, fitness and spiritual life.

Please! Yes! Thanks! thumbnail

Please! Yes! Thanks!

Three little words to express the greatness of an extraordinary tribal experience with Warrior One Yoga!

Morning Beditation thumbnail

Morning Beditation

It's a wake up call that is also the answer to starting your day in a mindful way.

There’s No Place Like Home thumbnail

There’s No Place Like Home

It actually has very little to do with bricks and mortar, beaches, mountains, plains, forests or skyscrapers.

Hot Yoga is So Cool! thumbnail

Hot Yoga is So Cool!

I want it to be more than just healthy, so I went for (and got) something hardcore, heuristic, and HOT!

The Uncovered Chapter thumbnail

Photo by Sonya Shannon – sonya-shannon.com

The Uncovered Chapter

For the freedom it brings to your body, spirit and mind.

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I was in total awe of her authenticity, and the ease with which she seemed to project it. So, I told her!

Up For a Challenge thumbnail

Up For a Challenge

Here are a few of the unexpected rewards and extra benefits I gained from what I call my "28-day Doga Yoga" series.

Indexing Self-compassion thumbnail

Indexing Self-compassion

It was just something I thought I HAD TO DO! That is, until I broke a nail.

From Manicure to “Woman I Cure” thumbnail

From Manicure to “Woman I Cure”

There are few things more satisfying than being pampered or pampering yourself with cleansing, treating, massaging and decorating yourself starting at the fingertips!

Moving Meditation thumbnail

Moving Meditation

So while my physical self allows for the limber, balanced endurance of such a traditional practice, it is my spirit that moves me. So, I practice what I call moving meditation.