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1st Ever Kaleidolife Awards!

Abraham Lincoln said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” So, how do we see and count the life in our years? At the end of each year, many people write newsletters or blog posts recapping their calendar of events. Some offer their reviews through photo posts like Instagram’s Best Nine or Facebook’s Year-in-Review. Others may share their retrospective by listing highlights and achievements as well as trials and tribulations. I also know a few people who hold special ceremonies with their families and friends. As for me, I have done all of these over the years, and then there have been years when I didn’t do anything. So what am I doing this year? Well, I’m not doing any of these. I hate to repeat anything! I’m doing something entirely different. Something I’ve never done before. I’m presenting my 1st Ever KALEIDOLIFE AWARDS 2017!

I know this isn’t a new idea in the world, but it’s a new one for me. Will it become a tradition? I don’t know. That why I called it the “first ever” instead of the first annual. I just know that I’ve had a life full of years and I try to make those years full of life. I like to think of life as a kaleidoscope — full of sparkling gems and jewels as well as stones and shards of glass all mixing and mingling, and reflecting off the mirrors of my mind, body, and soul as the light of the Universe shines through it. And that, my friends, is something to celebrate! So, join me as I raise a glass to the Kaleidolife Award winners of 2017 and the hopefuls of 2018!

Best NEW PEOPLE — These people are ones that I met for the first time in this calendar year. They have continued to contribute and connect to my life since our meeting, and it is my hope that we shall carry on together for many more years to come. And the winners are: Tanya Geisler (tanyageisler.com) , Alisha Weilfaert (yokeandabundance.com), and Kai Iwasaki (on Instagram @kaaiolivia)!

Best VIRTUAL PEOPLE — These people have become significant people in my life even though we’ve never met in the physical world. They are totally on line, on fire and on my A-list! And the winners are: Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas (kapakai.com), and Emilie Wapnick (puttylike.com)!

Best FAMILY MEMBERS — The importance of these people is immense and my gratitude for their loving support, soulful sharing, and the memories made this year is beyond measure! And the winner is: Susan Gause (sister-in-law)!

Most ENHANCED RELATIONSHIPS — I love this category because it’s all about getting closer and growing together. This award really shows off the people in my life who reached out, stuck around and created more space in their life for being together. And the winner is: Gary Grinberg (bonus brother)!

Best WORLD TRAVELS — Traveling is a conscious choosing of change. It’s wanting a change of scenery, a change of perspective, a change of heart! I thrive on change and all that it brings to my life. So, this award is for those places that have made the biggest impact on my mind, body and spirit. And the award for 2017 goes to (in alphabetical order): Australia, Costa Rica, Lake Tahoe, and Mexico!

Best WORDS/QUOTES — As a word nerd who collects quotes and is the creator of Words of Krisdom, this is a really tough decision. So, to avoid too much wordiness, I have selected 1 winning word and 1 winning quote. Neither of them are my own words, but they have stuck with me, and been saved and incorporated into my life this year. The winning word is: Kooleido (actually an app that turns your photos into kaliedoscope images, AND it’s become my new favorite word to express how ‘cool’ I think something is). The winning quote comes from Elizabeth Gilbert who said, “I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.” Tru dat!

Best MOMENTS/FEELINGS — These moments come to mind as the best, not because of the place, picture or particulars in my head, but because of the FEELINGS that were felt at the time, and that return each and every time that I remember them. And the winners are: Lounging by the sea and swimming pool together with the love of my life, Peyton, in San Pancho, Mexico — SO PEACEFUL & ROMANTIC; Attending my first opera at the Sydney Opera House — SUPER CHIC; Creating and hosting the “Not Yo’ Typical Yoga Retreat” in Kyoto — TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE!

Worst MOMENTS/FEELINGS — While these experiences aren’t so bright and shiny, they can shed some new light on life. They usually happen to show us or teach us something. Often they illuminate a new path, which was the case for me this summer. So, this year’s worst moment award goes to: Being detained in Mexico City and being told that my flight to Columbia, South America had taken off without me, but with Peyton on board — WTF! (Turned out to be not true, just a racket set up by Aeromexico). What that scary moment taught me was to double check all necessary documents before getting in line to board, and to ALWAYS stay together in the same line when boarding a flight! The new path? Bypass Columbia and go onward to Costa Rica!

Coolest NEW EXPERIENCES/FIRST TRIES — The winners in this category are cool in more ways than one. Cool as in “hot”, AND cooling because it was hot! And the winners are: SUP Yoga in Hawaii, and Surfing in Costa Rica!

Biggest CHANGES — My life is a constant state of change, as is the case for everyone. But the biggest changes that happened in 2017 included something I started and something I finished. And the winners are: Going from a PC to a Mac, and going from a fertile female to a free woman 😉 !

Biggest CHALLENGES — Hands down (on the keyboard), the winner is: Writing a book while teaching English, Yoga and Mindfulness at the same time!

Biggest FEARS — As a multipotentialite, I hate having to choose just one thing, for fear of losing or missing out on other opportunities. That could also explain why there are multiple winners for many of these awards. But for this one, it’s only fitting that the BIGGEST winner is: Having to choose or decide on the next destination after my current contract in Japan expires in August 2018.

Best YOGA PRACTICES — Yoga is a way of life for me. And everything in life is practice. So, I lit up my way of life to include these REwarding practices. The winners are: Creating themed yoga classes (Vinoyasa, Laughing MATters, AcroYO, and Holiday Yoga Challenges), and finally charging a minimal fee for mat rental at each class.

Biggest BUMMERS — This was one of the downsides of the new path taken during the “worst moments” of 2017. And the winner is: Not being able to participate in the Spanish Yoga Teacher Training in Columbia!

KRISELLANEOUS AWARD — This is a random personal choice award given to anything from a great new restaurant to an embarrassing moment. This year’s winner goes to: Netflix bingeing on Grace and Frankie ! Watched all 3 seasons in one week, and can’t wait for season 4 to premiere on January 19th!

TOP POSSIBILITIES for 2018 — Because let’s remember that anything is possible! And the winners are: Career change, appearance makeover, aerial yoga, home ownership, book publishing, finally getting to South America, and much more colorful living!

THEME OF THE YEAR / MESSAGE TO 2018 — Keep kranking yo’ kaleidoscope!

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