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Shakin’ Things Up

“Does this make me look fat?” is a question I’ve never had to ask, THANKFULLY! I am very fortunate to have skinny genes (and skinny jeans). So, I have never tried any kind of diet plan, until this week that is – Week Two of my Experience Expedition. At this time of year (bikini season), the media is heavy with hype about dieting, and I wanted to find out what all the hoopla was about. While ‘miracle’ pills, patches and potions abound, I wanted to try something quick, easy and cheap, so I decided on a meal replacement plan.

I went to my local drug store and bought a box of Protein Diet shake mixes. The box had 7 envelopes, but only three different flavors: banana, chocolate and tea (because tea is a ‘MUST’ in Japan). At the check-out counter, I felt a bit like an imposter, as the clerk insisted (in Japanese) that this product was not meant for me. So, I lied and told her it was for my husband. Once home with my packets of protein powder and plastic shaker bottle, I verified my understanding of the instructions. Yes, mix with 350 ml of water, shake until dissolved and drink. Even I can do that! I tried the cocoa-flavored one first, and prepared it exactly as directed. It had a definite chocolate flavor, but it was a bit gritty and bland. It was super sweet, so I drank it slowly, which made it filling, but that full-feeling was not long-lasting.

So, was this diet idea quick? Yep. Easy? Easy peasy. Cheap? Less than some bottled waters! Tasty? Well, let’s just say that these shakes could use a twist. So that’s exactly what I did! With six more meals to replace and only 3 flavors to use, I would have to get creative. So I put on my old bartender’s apron and started shakin’ things up. Here are the “KRISellaneous Concoctions” that I came up with for a diet plan that will make you twist and shout!

Shakin it up I

Was my diet experience effective? I did lose 1 kg (2.2 lbs), which is like 2% of my overall body weight. But, I also gained. I gained first-hand knowledge and understanding of what it feels like to have to stick to some kind of dietary regimen. I gained some creative mixology skills. And I gained a deeper commitment to staying thin and healthy. So yeah, I think I gave it a fair shake.

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