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A Jolly Bali Holi(day) thumbnail

A Jolly Bali Holi(day)

Our 10 days there felt like one continuous celebration of travel diversity.

9 Days at 7 degrees North thumbnail

9 Days at 7 degrees North

It felt like an indelible, self-cultivating, life-expanding embrace from another place.

Ujicha field growing green tea in Kyoto, Japan

A Spot of Tea in Kyoto’s Ujicha Tea Culture

It takes a village...so these diverse people gathered on a small plot of land next to a mountain road with a backdrop of mature tea terraces to give birth to a new "spot of tea".

There’s Something About Sumo thumbnail

There’s Something About Sumo

Sumo wrestling is not a super-sized skin flick, nor a turbulent tussle of testosterone. It's more like...

The Great Wall thumbnail

The Great Wall

For weeks I'd looked forward to visiting the Great Wall, the most iconic monument in all the land.

At Home Away From Home

Recently, some of my correspondence and conversations with far-away loved ones included questions about stages of culture shock, homesickness and longings.

From K to J, In Just 3 Days thumbnail

From K to J, In Just 3 Days

I spent 3 days in mid-July exploring the Kansai region of Japan -- one day and one night each in Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and high above Kobe at the Arima resort area.

Culture Talk

...absolutely everywhere, I observe and absorb this colorful culture in which I now exist.

Day One in Daejeon

I lay still and just move my eyes about to determine and realize where I am now. I am in "my" apartment in "my" new city, Daejeon. Ah yes, time to get out there and take it all in.

Seoul Food

...these first 3 days in Seoul have been a delicious cultural lesson. Here are some of the things I've learned.