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1st Ever Kaleidolife Awards! thumbnail

1st Ever Kaleidolife Awards!

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” So, how do you see and count the life in last year? With a Krisellaneous award ceremony, of course! So, cheers to the Kaleidolife Award winners of 2017!

Please! Yes! Thanks! thumbnail

Please! Yes! Thanks!

Three little words to express the greatness of an extraordinary tribal experience with Warrior One Yoga!

Hot Yoga is So Cool! thumbnail

Hot Yoga is So Cool!

I want it to be more than just healthy, so I went for (and got) something hardcore, heuristic, and HOT!

Up For a Challenge thumbnail

Up For a Challenge

Here are a few of the unexpected rewards and extra benefits I gained from what I call my "28-day Doga Yoga" series.

Hooked on Hash thumbnail

Hooked on Hash

As for me? I started by walking, then launched into a run, and have been crawling since the day after the event!

Moving Meditation thumbnail

Moving Meditation

So while my physical self allows for the limber, balanced endurance of such a traditional practice, it is my spirit that moves me. So, I practice what I call moving meditation.

Run For The Pink thumbnail

Run For The Pink

As a participant in the Pink Ribbon Campaign for Breast Cancer Research, I took to the streets of Daejeon to run my first foreign 5K road race!