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Drinking in the Memories thumbnail

Drinking in the Memories

The latest concoction from the KRISellaneous kitchen: S'more Memoritinis!

Shakin’ Things Up thumbnail

Shakin’ Things Up

Finally, a diet plan that will make you twist and shout! Shake it up, baby now!

Stop and EAT the roses! thumbnail

Stop and EAT the roses!

It's springtime, and flowers are blooming everywhere...including my kitchen!

Keeping It Crunchy thumbnail

Keeping It Crunchy

Variety may be the spice of life, but crunchy is the true texture of life!

Buttering Myself Up thumbnail

Buttering Myself Up

So what do you do when you've got an itch? You scratch it!

Grapefruit is HOT! thumbnail

Grapefruit is HOT!

And while all that might be cool, this girl likes it HOT!

Dressing for Spring thumbnail

Dressing for Spring

When most people thing of maple syrup, they think pancakes. When I think of maple syrup, I think spring and salad.